How a Digital Marketing Firm Can Help with E-Commerce Optimisation

Search engine optimisation can add a lot of value to an online business. With the popularity of online shopping, e-commerce businesses have become worthy investments. SEO is one of the tactics that you can use to gain useful exposure for your new e-commerce business.

A digital marketing agency in Bristol can offer different strategies that will increase the traffic to your e-commerce site. SEO for online businesses is slightly different and if you are not careful, it may backfire on you. Hiring a professional is a better option. Here are a few best practices that can positively impact your e-commerce site optimisation.

e-commerce optimisation

Optimising Internal Searches

Most e-commerce sites don’t optimise their internal search engine, which is a huge mistake. Search applications on an e-commerce site help users to find what they are looking for faster. Visitors should be able to get to the appropriate product pages when they input certain keywords. Leveraging internal search engines can help increase sales. Shoppers should be able to find the right goods or services even with misspelling, hyphenations, synonyms, or spacing errors.

Product Images

It may not seem paramount, but product images can help with an e-commerce site SEO. People like visuals and appreciate when they can see what they are buying. Pictures will contribute to describing a product better – what you can’t put into words, show it. However, images used for optimisation should be flexible and quick to load. Even with the best photos, slow loading times will cause users to turn away.

Product Descriptions

Hiring SEO Bristol services for your online business site, such as LimeLight Online  Marketing, can help provide suitable product descriptions. Describing goods on a website is another aspect that online merchants get wrong. Some even use manufacturer descriptions as they are. If you are going to use a manufacturer’s description, it should not appear as duplicate content. SEO experts in Bristol can create unique content for your site that will improve rankings.

New Products

When you have new products on your site, it is essential to optimise for them. A search engine like Google must be able to crawl and find new product information so as to rank it. Using the right tactics such as appropriate keywords, link structures, and new landing pages can help with that.

Product Variations

A site with products variations requires individual optimisation to avoid duplicate content. For instance, if you have the same products in different sizes or colours, the descriptions must correspond to that. A digital marketing agency can come up with keywords that will suit different products. By doing, so, users will be able to land on pages for the specific products they want.


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