Driving It Home: Local Businesses Benefit from Social Media Marketing

There’s nothing like search engine optimisation (SEO) in the world of digital marketing for having best practises change as often as the U.K. weather. Especially in places like Bristol, well, that would be pretty often.


Black Hat Practises Instigate Change

While SEO is the large blanket thrown over everything when talking about digital marketing in Bristol and other areas, the way search engines require optimising for a site to rank high in SERPs continues to change to meet new challenges. A few years ago keywords were guaranteed to get your content on the front page. Then along came black hat practises, people began stuffing content with irrelevant keywords, and keywords became less important.

Then social media was going to be the holy grail of SEO. Those who practice black hat methods developed automated likes and sharing, and people began buying followers by the thousand. Social media as an effective SEO tool slid to the background.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Today, with updates and improvements to search engine algorithms to detect black hat practises and provide more accurate, locally specific search results, long tail keywords and social media are back in favour.

Now with Google cosying up with Twitter, Facebook improving its operating practises, and more consumers seeking organic search results on mobiles than on desktops or laptops; social media plays a bigger part than ever before in effective SEO in Bristol. Nowadays you’re as likely to find a tweet or Facebook status on the first SERP as you are an article from a high-authority website or blog.

Local Marketing and Social Media Help Small Businesses

For a small bricks and mortar business in Bristol, concentrating on local marketing, effective social media marketing to target consumers, and providing high-quality content to improve inbound marketing allows you to mix it with the big boys. Publicising your website or blog’s latest article on a Facebook status or tweet, will help build brand awareness and improve those all important inbound links.

Maximise Your Strengths

High-quality SEO in Bristol will remain paramount while local organic searches remain the foremost method of consumers for obtaining information. No one wants to travel 20 miles to buy a certain product when they can travel two. Try to find a restaurant 20 miles away prepared to deliver your evening supper, or a cab 20 miles away prepared to pick you up from the local pub.

Local means local; concentrating on optimising your site for local consumers and businesses through effective SEO, and maximising the use of social media for local awareness will pay large dividends in the long run.

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