LimeLight Online Marketing: Our Core Values are What Sets Us Apart

The LimeLight Online Marketing team believes that having a core set of values is essential in delivering consistent high quality services. We asked ourselves what values our customers want to see in a company like ours. The core values we have identified as the best ones to exemplify our business are as follows:

Give our clients the same quality service we would give our best friends and family

We make sure to create the best possible solutions for our clients from both technical and creative perspectives. When you work with us, you get unrivalled online marketing services that our competitors can only wish they could provide.

Approach and treat every project or campaign we work on as if it were our own

What is important to our client is also important to us. Your goals are our goals, and your success is our success. We look for the most effective ways to achieve what we set out to do—we don’t create things that don’t need to be created. We constantly strive to find ways to get things done quickly and accurately.

Tell clients the unvarnished truth respectfully and tactfully

Our integrity compels us to tell our clients nothing but the truth, even if it’s not what they want to hear. We have a strong sense to do what’s right because we know that in the long run, total honesty and transparency is the way to a more meaningful and beneficial working relationship.

Help clients dominate their market and work only with those who share our ambition

Once you become our client, you can expect to work with someone who will understand your situation and goals. You can also expect the following from us: high level of customer service, your confidentiality maintained at all times, and above all else, an excellent return on investment. In return, we would like to ask a couple of things from you as our client to help us serve you more effectively:

• Be a doer.
• Be committed to the growth of your business.
• Provide constructive criticism.

The LimeLight Online Marketing team believes in doing everything we can to be a sustainable, environmentally-mindful company. If you share these values with us, that makes us an ideal fit. Contact us at 4401172302506 or E-mail us at so we can begin to evaluate your business and advise you of your best online marketing options.