SEO Trends in 2016 that Will Change the Way Your Firm Performs Online

There’s no doubt 2015 saw a large number of search engine algorithm changes as Google, Bing and others, continued to narrow the search fields in an attempt to provide us the most accurate search results they can.


Some changes had a greater effect than others, and some predictions weren’t quite the format changing ideas they were considered to be. However, there are a few items which did have a major effect on SEO, and will continue to do so through 2016.

Mobile Optimisation

If your site isn’t yet optimised for mobile use then you really are lagging behind. 2015 saw search queries from mobiles and tablets exceed those from desktops and laptops for the first time. With some estimating searches 20% higher from mobiles compared to desktops.

That gap will continue to widen in the foreseeable future and will play a large part in the success or otherwise of your online marketing campaign, whether your business is service or product orientated.

Local Searches will become more specific

Optimisation for local searches is becoming more important. This again is driven by the increasing use of mobile search enquiries. Where SEO for Bristol ensured displaying Bristol based businesses, now things could become even more area specific.

The time is not that far away when a client’s search query for a fast food business will throw up a take-away outlet just two streets away. Or a plumbers, builders, pet shop or chemist; no matter what the niche, Google will soon be displaying the nearest outlet to the query’s origin at the top of their local search rankings.

Social Media marketing continues to play a large part:

The chances are when you look around your local bar, 75% of people, with partners or otherwise, seem to be concentrating on their smartphones. Of those, a high percentage are on their favourite social media platform. Social media itself continues to dabble in other media, the latest being trending news items.

With agreements between the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter, in the coming months you’re more likely to find tweets or headlines from social media platforms in reply to your mobile search query.

The time is not that far away when the content on Facebook, Twitter and others, will be viewed by the search engines in the same manner as any other internet content. That is reason enough to ensure your site is making optimum use of the social media platforms your prospective clients are using.

As a Bristol based company, effective social media marketing can certainly advance your ranking in the local search engine results page. While web managers will of necessity have to concentrate their efforts towards mobile optimisation, Google will still take notice of all the usual elements, no matter from where the search was initiated.

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