Text Message Marketing

Mobile phones are such ubiquitous devices that almost everyone owns one. They provide a convenient way for people to call or message each other, and the more advanced smartphones even allow users to surf the Internet and such. Their popularity and utility all considered, cell phones are a viable medium for marketing.

Surely, you have received promotional messages and prompts from other businesses on your cell phone. Ever wonder how your business could use the same marketing tactics to reach out to a wide mobile consumer base? Let LimeLight Online Marketing help your business get started on text messaging marketing today. As a professional digital marketing agency that serves businesses in areas like Bristol, Avon, and Bridgwater and Taunton in Somerset, we help our clients properly utilise the marketing tools they have at their disposal.

All About Text Messaging Marketing

Text messaging marketing, also known as SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, is a method of delivering marketing messages to consumers through their mobile phones. These messages are sent by way of a text messaging platform provider. Businesses only have to relay their message to the platform provider, who then sends the blurb to a mobile service carrier that finally disseminates the advertisement.

Creating SMS Marketing Content

Creating marketing content for mobile phones is a lot harder than it looks. For one, the marketing content needs to conform to character count limits of text messages. In addition, the advertising messages should not be sent multiple times to the same people all over again. The messages also need to be judiciously sent to the right consumers; indiscriminately sending them can cause trouble with the authorities. Thus, you will need an expert to not just help you create marketing messages, but ensure that you are doing everything right.

How LimeLight Online Marketing Helps You

We are a capable digital marketing agency that provides a text messaging platform to businesses in Bristol, Avon, and Bridgwater and Taunton in Somerset. Not only do we accept your messages and send them to mobile carriers for distribution, we also help you write brief, catchy, and appealing content.

LimeLight Online Marketing is more than willing to share its expertise with you, so that you can see for yourself how we are genuinely helping your business.

LimeLight Online Marketing provides its digital marketing services to businesses within the Bristol, Avon, Bridgwater, Somerset, and Taunton areas. If you have any questions for us, or if you need our services, you may call us at 01172 302506 or visit our contact page and submit the web form.