Simple Guide to Doing Social Media Advertising Right

Social media has expanded the scope of marketing for businesses across the world. More entrepreneurs are now considering social media marketing to achieve their objectives. With the increasing number of social sites, there is no shortage of options on where to focus marketing. Advertising on social media is one of the strategies that marketers are using to leverage certain sites. It is estimated that in 2013, $5.1 billion of advertisers’ budget went social media ads. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the popular options for social media advertising. When hiring professionals in Bristol to do the SMM for your business, know how to capitalise on social media advertising.

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Go Mobile

For one, consider mobile devices when structuring ads for social media. Most people use their smartphones and tablets to access their social profiles, and that is an audience you cannot afford to ignore. The social media marketing Bristol experts doing the ads should make them available to these users. Ensure social media ads on different sites provide satisfactory displays on small devices.

Ad Formats

The ad format is another aspect that will influence social media advertising. Think about the social platform you are using to come up with the best ad formats. The adverts you display on Twitter are not the same ones that would suit Instagram. Different sites offer varying options for ad formats. Twitter, for example, has promoted tweets, trends or accounts while, LinkedIn has sponsored updates and direct sponsored content. Remember that different user habits will influence the structure of the ads.


Audience targeting in another element to evaluate when getting SEO Bristol. You must have an idea of who should see your advertisements. With over a billion users on Facebook and 314 million on Twitter, failure to target a particular audience will just waste your resources. Luckily, social media sites with their design make it less complicated to target certain people. Social profiles include information such as age, geographical location, interests, gender, language, relationship status, education, work and so on. All these are parameters that you can use to structure social media ads to suit a certain demographic. For instance, if you are advertising beauty products for teenagers, you can focus on female users between thirteen and nineteen.

Testing Performances

Social media marketing Bristol should also include performance testing. If you are going to keep putting in money on social media ads, it helps to know that something is happening. A/B testing and performances provide the necessary information. However, some sites may be easier to track than others, and that is why professional assistance goes a long way.


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