Social And Search Indicators That Drive Your Business’ SEO Success

Social media and search are often pitted against one another but, in reality, they are not mutually exclusive. In the same way that most Internet users still rely on search engines, while also engaging with social media websites, businesses and website owners can also combine social and search into a single, unified, online marketing mix.


In fact, with social media becoming increasingly important, and with the likes of Google stepping into the social media sector, increasing your social media presence could help to further propel your exposure in the search engine rankings.

Engagement Is Key

Engagement is key when it comes to social media marketing in Bristol. Simply adding status bios and profiles to major social media sites, and even publishing regular content on these sites, will not garner the kind of exposure that you want.

When search engines, including those within the social media sites themselves, hunt for the best content and the most reliable information within their database, they look for quality. While search engines use links as a means of determining and even valuing quality, social media websites use engagement. More likes, more shares, and more discussion accompanying the content will be taken as a positive sign.

Social Media Ranking Factor Weight

It is unclear exactly how much weight the search engines give to social ranking factors, but as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest continue to become a major part of users’ daily lives, it is likely that more weight will be given to results from these pages.

What’s more, popularity on social media sites tends to translate to greater exposure, and some of this exposure will come from blogs, forums, and websites, as well as the social media sites themselves. This means that a piece of content that is shared on Facebook could generate authoritative links from related websites, too.

Improving Your Efforts

There are many factors to help improve social ranking factors, and to further improve your SEO efforts, but the key is to make it as easy as possible for readers to share and link to your content.

This means creating high quality content, get it some exposure through submissions and through outreach, and then provide share and like buttons on your own page, while making your social media profiles as accessible and visible as possible. You will reap the rewards if you continue to promote your site in this way.