Using Bristol SEO Methods to Market a Commission-Build Model Business

Building scale models can be one of the most engaging hobbies you can consider doing in your spare time. There often lies the possibility that a scale modeller who’s developed their craft to high standards may want to parlay that skill into an income-generating opportunity and is now entertaining assignments. In a guest entry for Craft Blog U.K., Fran Swaine said there are ways to have your scale modelling skills be recognised and for your projects to garner good press, preferably through search engine optimisation (SEO).


This may not be farfetched when you’re talking about the scale-modelling community right in Bristol. The city hosts the Avon branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society-U.K. and there are at least ten hobby shops within several kilometres of downtown offering all manner of model kits, from train sets to military vehicles. If you are set on doing business as a builder of scale models by commission, learn your options with experts at SEO in Bristol like the team at LimeLight Online Marketing.

Blogged Up

Many model commission builders are eager to chronicle their projects, from presentation of the base kit to final delivery of complete build to the client—and that involves running a special blog. A series of blog posts on a certain project are hinged on using specific keywords, such as the name and scale of the kit as part of the title. In a few cases, the kit manufacturer is also worth mentioning; at the same time, do not mention the name of your client.


Scale model projects, especially commissions, require ample pictures to accompany the commentary. Although you may consider zooming in on particular details, always remember to rename the picture filenames into keyword-descriptive ones and only upload pictures of modest quality. Some SEO experts say that images of very high resolution tend to slow down loading of the page, and affect your website’s search engine rankings down the line.

Building Alliances

One of the benefits of running a hobby blog is that you have a chance to meet fellow modellers who share your passion. In the online marketing front, this is also an opportunity for you to exchange website links with each other. Swaine says that when reputable websites are open to backlinks to your blog, it can add some positive factors in the rankings.

Even if you’re doing commission builds as an extra income-generator, there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a project that even casual guests at scale model exhibitions would be floored to see. In many ways, proudly showing people a labour of love is your opening to possibly more assignments. Let a skilled digital marketing agency in Bristol aid you in your quest today.

(Source: Effective SEO Tips and Tricks, Craft Blog U.K)