Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following and Reach Better SEO Results

Social media marketing and SEO have a symbiotic relationship that you must know how to cultivate. Using social networks to build your search engine rankings may seem straightforward on the surface. Open an account, build a profile and get a following.

However, there is more to it. The right strategy will go a long way, and that is why it pays to have an SEO professional to do it. One of the important aspects of social media marketing for SEO is developing a following.

Organic Followers better seo results

The number of followers you have on social media pages will count a great deal. Most people, however, make the mistake of buying followers. It may seem easy to achieve the desired results, but it really isn’t. Sure, fake followers will pad up the number, and it will look good on a profile page.


The downside, though, is that search engines like Google can tell how real your followers are. You need followers that show activity on social media. A mention here, a comment there, a “like” once in a while will make all the difference.


Content is an element that will influence the quality and quantity of followers. Creating content for SM can be tricky. There are innumerable variables to keep in mind. For example, it will matter if the content is for Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

When searchers find the information they need on your social media pages, they will keep coming back. Steadily, the number of followers will grow, and that will impact your site’s SEO positively. Take note that content does not restrict you to text. Videos, infographics, photos, banners, podcasts are all content that you can leverage to increase the number of followers for better search engine rankings.

Internal Links

Carefully evaluate the links you utilise for SSM. Link quality is one of the reasons that online searchers stay away from some social media pages. Take a user who wants to find extensive travel information. They visit your Travel agency Facebook page and find that there are excellent links to other resources. Such a user will like that page so that they can get access to quality information through the links you include. Links to popular stories, latest news and blog posts will go a long way in improving your SEO. Quality links will increase your site’s authority standing as well.

When implementing a social media marketing campaign, make sure that you work with Bristol SEO experts, like those from LimeLight Online Marketing.


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